“Robinhood Traders” Trigger Massive Idiocy on Scheme by Nasdaq-Listed Chinese Penny Stock that Skyrocketed 4,387% & Collapsed by Two-Thirds in Just One Day

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

#TheZooHasGoneNuts: One press release about an EV, but no money, no tech, no prototype, no facilities, no plans, no nothing. Getting pretty thick, even for our crazy times. SEC, are you awake?

The Nasdaq might be down 12% from its high on September 2, and Apple might be down 21% from its high on September 1. But the day-trader nuttiness – the new technical terms is “Robinhood traders” though they may trade on any platform, not just on Robinhood – isn’t letting up, and hedge funds might still be trying to front-run them and fleece them for a quick buck.

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