I don’t know if it’s the chemicals from the contrails, or the fluoride in our water, or what, but there’s a level of bizarre raging across our nation the likes of I could never have dreamed.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

We live in very convoluted times. On a week where the entire country should be screaming for the truth to finally come out about what 9/11 was really about, and who pulled off that horrible tragedy, what are people really concerned about? Dots. Periods. Seriously, read on…

One thing about Americans is that they have a fascination with outdoing, or “besting” the next guy. If you’re a daredevil that just leaped your bicycle over two cars, someone will do three. If you make your comedy by using foul language, someone else will take it to the extreme to where every word is a cuss.

Nothing exemplifies that notion more than the current state of “wokeness.” So, what exactly is woke? Well that’s a damn good question, since everyone tries to outwoke the next guy. So, let’s see what the street has to say about it:

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