Juror in Breonna Taylor Case Sues for Right to Reveal What Really Happened in Court

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by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

A member of the grand jury that did not indict Louisville police for Breonna Taylor’s murder is now suing for the release of court transcripts and related records. The unidentified jury member’s motion, filed Monday, says it was filed so that “the truth may prevail.”

Specifically, the motion asks the court “to release any and all recordings of the grand jury pertaining to what is commonly known as the Breonna Taylor case,” and “to make a binding declaration that Grand Juror, and any additional members of this grand jury, has the right to disclose information and details about the process of the grand jury proceedings … and any potential charges presented or not related to the events surrounding that matter.”

The motion also takes aim at Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, accusing him of “using the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility.”

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