How Much is a College Degree Worth?

The Value of College in a Pandemic and Crisis Filled Economy.

from My Budget 360

The pandemic has created some incredible rifts in our economy and society. Those with technical degrees working for companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft are thriving in this socially distant economy. However the vast majority of the country does not have a college degree, let alone a degree that is technical to work in these types of organizations. So it is no surprise that the latest figures show $1.54 trillion in student debt floating in the market as Americans do everything they can to remain competitive. With many students returning to college in a virtual setting, many parents and students are asking how much is a college degree worth without the in-person experience? This is a hard question to answer and many colleges are struggling to stay relevant. Keep in mind that the U.S. has nearly 5,000 “colleges” and like many businesses, there is a wide variance of quality in this group. Many colleges will not make it out of this pandemic. So how much is a college degree worth?

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