Gold Stock Investing Round-table Discussion with Pros David Erfle and Brian Leni

from Mining Stock Education

In this episode, Bill Powers hosts a gold stock investing roundtable discussion with Brian Leni ( and David Erfle ( Brian and David share their reflections and insights from last week’s virtual Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit. Both gentlemen reveal mining stock picks they like. David and Brian also provide commentary on whether we will see a sell-off in the gold juniors in Q4 due to tax-loss selling or a mass dumping of private placement shares from Q2 and Q3 financings that come free trading. Other topics discussed are possible M&A, developers pursuing NY big board listings, investing in private placements and more.

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0:00 Introduction
1:12 Reflections on last week’s virtual Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit
4:57 Are gold producers getting FOMO for quality acquisitions?
8:23 Q4 Tax-loss selling? Or mass dumping of private placement shares?
10:19 Are many development co. CEOs seeking to list on NY big board?
11:25 Management raises less than they could to leave buying demand in open market
13:12 Discussing significance of whether current financings come with warrants or not
15:45 Expecting M&A to come out of Denver Gold Show?
16:49 Discussing investing in a junior financed by groups you don’t like or question
20:30 Brian shares mining stock pick
22:13 David shares mining stock pick