Gold – Repo Crisis – New Green World Order

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Marty, they do not call you the legend for nothing. You nailed the crash earlier in the year and the very day of the low on March 23. Now your call for the September 3 target was again to the day. In the middle of this chaos, gold has not performed well. Given this is 21 years up, that does not give a lot of confidence for a continued rally just yet. Will you be doing the gold report soon? HD

ANSWER: This year was a Directional Change for gold and the next turning point in 2022. Most of the volatility on gold appears to be the first six months in 2021. You must understand that this is far more than just a war against Trump to conquer Capitalism and impose drastically higher taxes and this New Green World Order that Bill Gates wants to eliminate meat production along with fossil fuels.

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