Fighting and Winning Against “Big Everything”

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

So what can we do about all this when our politics, regulation and policies are all captured? We go directly to the source of value, which is demand.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by my friend and colleague Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., who has contributed essays to Of Two Minds since 2009.

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“The assumption I see everywhere in the alt financial media is the elite will do fine because they own the gold, land, factories, apartment complexes, etc. All true. However the Roman Elites owned all this too, but that didn’t save them from systemic collapse. They weren’t still fabulously rich once the Imperial structure collapsed.” Charles Hugh Smith, August 23, 2020 email to

The gravy train for a pampered and protected elite won’t last forever. It never does. But before these elites fall, just like those of Ancient Rome, there must be a combination of internal broken trust, opting out of the system, and independent, decisive rebellion by a critical mass of citizens as well as significant external pressures.

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