FBI Agent Who Led Flynn Probe Said Mueller’s Team Had a ‘Get Trump’ Attitude

A government memo released Thursday shows that the FBI special agent who oversaw the investigation of Michael Flynn harbored doubts about the basis for the probe.

by Chuck Ross

An FBI special agent who worked on Crossfire Hurricane told prosecutors last week that he saw little reason to investigate Michael Flynn and that he believed that members of the special counsel’s team prosecuted the former national security adviser in order to “get Trump,” according to a memo released late Thursday.

William Barnett, an FBI special agent, was interviewed on Sept. 17 by Jeffrey Jensen, a U.S. attorney in Missouri who is leading a Justice Department review of the case against Flynn.

Barnett, who worked out of the FBI’s Washington field office, was the lead investigator on the Flynn component of Crossfire Hurricane.

The FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane on July 31, 2016, and began investigating four Trump campaign aides, including Flynn, as possible agents of the Russian government. The Flynn investigation was dubbed Crossfire Razor.

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