Expect $4,800-$8,900 Gold, and for Mining Stocks – The Party Has Just Begun

from King World News

2020 has certainly been a difficult year but you haven’t seen anything yet because according to one of the greats in the business, investors should expect to see $4,800-$9,800 gold. And when it comes to mining stocks, the party has just begun.

Gold 2020

September 30 (King World News) – From Ronnie Stoeferle at Incrementum: Here is the Executive Summary of Gold for 2020:

1) The Dawning of a Golden Decade

Monetary policy normalization has failed. The coronavirus is the accelerant of the overdue recession that heralds the dawn of a new monetary world order. Trend-setting monetary and geopolitical upheavals are to be expected and already executed by the Federal Reserve relaxing the inflation target “average 2%” supporting a medium-term inflationary environment.

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