DOJ Investigating How FBI Handled Allegations of Clinton Foundation Corruption

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

U.S. Attorney John Durham is reportedly investigating allegations of corruption within the Clinton Foundation, according to a new report by The New York Times.

The inquiry: Durham has been appointed by Justice Department (DOJ) Attorney General William Barr to look into the origins of the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” probe that investigated the debunked allegations of collusion between President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

But Durham appears to have broadened the scope of the probe to inquire about the Obama-era FBI’s handling of allegations of political corruption within the Clinton Foundation.

The Times, which flat out dismissed Durham’s probe as “politically charged” in the first paragraph, cited “people familiar with the matter” as saying that Durham has asked for documents and interviews “about how federal law enforcement officials handled an investigation around the same time into allegations of political corruption at the Clinton Foundation.”

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