‘We Will Lose Everything:’ Americans Express Frustration at Congress Adjourning Without a Stimulus Deal

by Alicia Adamczyk

As Congress recesses for the rest of the summer without reaching a stimulus deal, tens of millions of Americans are left wondering how they will pay their bills.

Though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said members will return to vote if a deal is reached, that could still be weeks away, CNBC reported. In the meantime, around 28 million Americans are currently collecting jobless benefits, and as many as 40 million could face eviction if Congress does not pass a relief bill soon, according to Emily Benfer, a housing expert.

Hundreds of readers — from all over the country and across the political spectrum — wrote into CNBC Make It to detail how the Senate’s failure to pass another aid package is affecting them and their families. Many expressed outrage at Congress’s inaction. Others simply wanted to vent to someone about their situation, they said.

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