Trump Serious About Using Executive Order to Extend Stimulus, Cut Dems Out of Deal: Fox

from Zero Hedge

In classic Trump Administration form, President Trump and his aides are trying to pressure Democrats into caving and supporting the White House’s trillion-dollar stimulus plan that would restore the additional $600 weekly unemployment benefit, by seeking to convince the leadership that they will try to cut them out of the deal entirely.

Yesterday afternoon, Politico reported that team Trump was looking into using an executive order to re-appropriate money already appropriated by Congress and instead redirect it toward restoring the federal money for the unemployed, as well as potentially restoring the federal moratorium on evictions. Last night, Trump told reporters that yes, all of this was true – except that the team was also considering a suspension of payroll taxes, something the president has long insisted upon, despite the fact that there’s almost no support for the proposal in Congress.

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