Trend Higher Exceeds 2011 Peaks

by David Brady
Sprott Money

After so many years of false starts, dramatic reversals, and frustrating disappointments, so-called Goldbugs and Silverbugs such as myself are now finally being rewarded for their saint-like patience, thanks to the Fed and global central banks.

[…] I am still anticipating a decent pullback, but now from much higher than anticipated levels. My expectation was that we would get the pullback first and then explode higher, but the market had a different agenda. The metals and miners exploded higher in a matter of weeks before (instead of after) the forecast reversal. But I still expect such a reversal to play out, to set us up for the final rally well into 2021 before the next big drop occurs. So there will be plenty of opportunities to buy the dip in the future.

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