Kamala #HeelsUpHarris Manages to Bore Us to Death at Her Big DNC Debut

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

On her big night as the, drumroll, please, “historic” first black-South Asian woman vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris managed to … bore us to death.

Instead of delivering electricity at the Democratic National Convention last night, she pulled out her flat nasal monotone, and droned on and on about her supposedly apple-pie upbringing in Berkeley during the ’60s, her single mom, her lifework as a prosecutor, the importance of voting for Joe Biden, and lots of rah-rah stuff about ‘doing it together.’

In reality, she actually does have a pretty colorful past, but she managed to masticate it down to mush and it got inauthentic, fast. Which is why so many voters call her ‘phony.’ That’s because too much already is known of her past. What she put out there was boilerplate, nothing of interest or substance to anyone. Even her cheerleaders noticed. Some talking head pundits imagined that maybe she was boring because it’s always a tough act to follow Barack Obama, which she did, and he certainly was on fire, even if it was pants-on-fire.

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