Judge Demands Father Pay $5000 Monthly While Ex-Wife “Transitions” Eight-Year-Old Son

Judge, who once said she’s “proud” of her Catholic “upbringing,” doesn’t even bother to hold a hearing

by Infowars.com
Info Wars

A Texas judge ordered a father to pay $5000 monthly for “family counseling” while his ex-wife “transitions” their eight-year-old son.

Yes, really.

Without a hearing, Democratic Judge Mary Brown green-lit the ex-wife’s decision to enroll eight-year-old James as “Luna” in school and to subject him to transgender medical procedures.

“[The ex-wife] is not even James and Jude’s biological ; she and her now-ex-husband used an egg donor to conceive the boys via in-vitro fertilization,” reported Life Site. “…Judge Brown’s ruling came without the hearing that was scheduled to take place yesterday.”

“There was no explanation why Judge Brown issued her order without the proper hearing.”

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