I Said Civil War, This Guy Says Revolution

…the revolutionaries lack a sufficiently malicious counterforce to justify their loathing…

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

Last week I penned a piece suggesting that you don’t underestimate what’s going on with the riots, the looting, the organizing, the media’s cooperation in fomenting the hate, because it isn’t going to stop. Friday morning I read a piece by Abe Greenwald, writing for commentary magazine dot com. It’s a very long piece, but it is well worth reading.

I have extracted a few paragraphs from the article, to give you some flavor, but truly I suggest you do read the entire piece. The author is very good at lining up what’s happening here, with revolutions that took place in France in the 1700’s, with Russia, and with China’s Mao. Here’s the gist:

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