Hayek and Cuomo – Substance and Fluff

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Hayek and Cuomo? That is Friedrich Hayek and Andrew Cuomo. These names are rarely mentioned together. But here they are in the same phrase! In terms of opposites they rival “North versus South,” “Good versus Evil,” “Genius versus Idiot”, “Substance vs. Fluff,”etc. One is to the other as matter is to anti-matter.

Brad Polumbo used Hayek and Cuomo in a pre-review of Andrew Cuomo’s forthcoming book on leadership during the coronavirus crisis. Yes, you read that right! Cuomo believes he can convince people that he showed great leadership addressing New York state’s coronavirus problems. It is difficult to know whether this reflects Cuomo’s intelligence or how stupid he believes New Yorkers are.

The unnecessary tragedies associated with his Nursing Home decisions would make an honorable man ask for forgiveness. Japanese commit hari-kari over lesser things.

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