Bill Gates: Trump’s Pandemic Response ‘Mind-Blowing’ – ‘No Other Country Has This Testing Insanity’

[Ed. Note: Are there any two people alive with less credibility than Fareed Zakaria and Bill Gates?]

by Pam Key

Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said the Trump administration’s coronavirus pandemic response was “mind-blowing that because you can’t get the federal government to improve the testing.”

Zakaria asked, “How do you explain the fact that the richest country on earth, that spends per capita maybe two to three times as much on health care as all the other rich countries in the world, seems to be kind of at the bottom of the pile of the advanced countries in the world in being able to handle this pandemic, what would be your answer?”

Gates replied, “Well, it took a number of mistakes. And I wouldn’t have predicted that we would do so poorly. You know, our Center for Disease Control is the best group of epidemiologists in the world. In fact, everyone relies on them.”

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