After Brexit, British Eaters Buried in Red Tape

Prime Minister Boris Johnson embraces the nanny state after recovering from COVID-19.

by Baylen Linnekin

Last week, Great Britain’s Department of Health and Social Care announced sweeping plans to combat obesity by “empowering adults and children to live healthier lives.”

“Many people have tried to lose weight but struggle in the face of endless prompts to eat—on TV and on the high (main) street,” the health department announcement states. “In supermarkets, special offers and promotions tempt us to buy foods that are not on the shopping list but are hard to resist. When we eat out, we have little information about how many calories are in the food we are offered. We are biologically programmed to eat and when we are bombarded by advertisements and promotions for food—it’s hard to eat healthily, especially if we are busy or tired or stressed.”

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