A Silver Mystery in Full View

by Ted Butler
Silver Seek

For those who have come to be convinced of the silver price manipulation, as well as those who remain unconvinced, I ask you to put aside all thoughts about derivatives trading, concentrated short positions and epic double crosses and think about something completely different. Please accept this as an open invitation in which no prior experience in matters related to sophisticated financial transactions is required and in which all that is needed is common sense and logical thinking.

In essence, I’ll lay out a series of documented facts which at their core present a silver mystery that cries out for explanation. Remarkably, the facts are beyond dispute and freely available to all, yet for some reason the data have been virtually ignored by everyone in the analytical community. While I’ll provide my explanation for the mystery, my main point is to solicit any reasonable alternative explanations. This is very much a debate open to all to help solve a mystery that deserves an answer.

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