You Could Get Mad as Hell and Just Not Take This Anymore

by David Haggith
Gold Seek

It’s time to show you’re Fed up! Get mad as hell! Don’t take this any more! Scorch the earth with your rage! Yell from the rooftops! Stick your head out the window and scream! Fight the economic injustice that serves the rich! Kick political asses, and kick them hard! Don’t just whine, do something about it!

Ten commandments to show you’re Fed up!

1) End manipulated markets by taking away the Fed’s mandate to create sound employment, The addition of this mandate gave the Federal Reserve way too much economic power! Denude the Federal Reserve back to its one original mandate — maintaining a stable money supply.

2) Force-feed the Fed to target a “symmetric” inflation rate of 0%, instead of targeting 2%, which is nothing but a promise your wealth will be endlessly pulled away from you so that you don’t save for your own self-preservation.

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