World on Verge of Spinning Out of Control – John Rubino with Greg Hunter

John Rubino – When Dollar Falls Everything Falls Everywhere

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Financial writer John Rubino says gold is at new all-time highs, silver is vaulting upward and there is no end in sight for the massive money printing around the world. Rubino say’s if you look deeper, you can see the “real message” in the unfolding events. Rubino explains, “It’s fun to be a gold bug and see your stacks getting more valuable, but the real message here is the world is on the verge of spinning out of control. That’s what gold and silver are signaling. We’re just a mess with no way out of this because even before the pandemic hit, we were running deficits in the U.S. of a trillion dollars a year. That is an emergency level of government borrowing, but we were doing it in the 10th year of a recovery or expansion. Normally, everybody is back at work, paying taxes, government debt goes way down and sometimes it even turns into surpluses, but that wasn’t happening this time, which is a sign the monetary experiment that began in 1971 when we went off the gold standard and went to all fiat currencies everywhere was ending. We are no longer able to manage economies with this much debt just by printing new currency and borrowing more money. The system was going to break down anyway, but the pandemic has come along and accelerated the process.”

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