Trump, After Clashing with Chris Wallace Over Covid Fatality Numbers: ‘Number One Low Mortality Rate’

[Ed. Note: In clown world, one side tells fabulous lies about case numbers, and the other side then takes credit for the low death rate. The Benny Hill theme music should play on a loop in DC.]

by Frank Camp
Daily Wire

On Sunday, Fox News aired a pre-taped interview with President Donald Trump. At the beginning of the interview, anchor Chris Wallace asked the president about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let’s start with the surge of the coronavirus across the country in recent months. You still talk about it as ‘burning embers,’ but I want to put up a chart that shows where we are with the illness over the last four months,” Wallace said.

[…] The anchor then displayed a chart showing a peak in April of 36,000 cases a day, then contrasted that with a new peak of 75,000 cases “one day this week.”

Trump countered, claiming that the apparent increase in cases is due to “great testing.”

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