Time to Get Off Your Knees: MSM Warns the U.S. is Looking at a Second Lockdown

by Mac Slavo

Be prepared, but do not live in fear. The mainstream media is ramping up the fear-mongering and panic mentality right now. They are literally warning us of lockdown 2.0.

In fact, Bloomberg actually expects you to believe other humans have the right to limit your freedom and you have the obligation to obey. The following is incredibly disturbing and should be noted by everyone:

Governments will have no choice but to ban behavior that spreads Covid-19. The public will do the rest by shutting in again. –Bloomberg

They flat out admitted that we are doing this to ourselves by our unwillingness to disobey. This draconian predictive programming has become obvious. They desperately need you in fear, and to participate in their beast system as it rolls out. It could get ugly, folks, so be prepared.

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