The Fatal Flaw in the Electoral Victory Plan of Democrat Elites

by Steve McCann
American Thinker

Since its founding in the 1820’s, the Democrat party has been the most pernicious and most schizophrenic entity in American politics. Today, the two dominant factions within the party are the ultra-wealthy beneficiaries of capitalism plus college educated sanctimonious elites (collectively the vast bulk of the ruling class) on the one hand, and Marxist indoctrinated self-described democratic socialists on the other.

The elites, in the personage of Barack Obama, chose to enter into this marriage of convenience with the socialists in 2008 in order to have another, albeit at the time numerically small, ally in their unrequited need to retain power. However, the primary targets of the now-dominant radical left has always been their fellow bedmates, the Democrat establishment and the ruling class. This marriage is about to end, not in an amicable divorce, but a palace revolution which could ultimately and deleteriously impact the future of the nation if Joe Biden wins in November.

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