Stop the Mask Cult by Any Means Necessary*

by Karl Denninger

Folks, the science is settled on masks.

As I have repeatedly pointed out they do nothing for viruses. There are a number of reasons for this — and physics tells us that they shouldn’t work. If you want to read the whole screed it’s here, complete with a link to another source from before when these became politicized that includes links to multiple random controlled trials, which are the gold standard in medicine. They found no evidence that masks even when worn by medical personnel who are trained, did anything to inhibit viral transmission.

There are plenty of observational studies that claim effectiveness. Observational studies are worthless; by definition they cannot prove causal links. Further, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out the person who wants to make an extraordinarily claim (or impose an extraordinarily order, such as a lockdown or a mask requirement) has the burden of proof, not suggestion.

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