Our Slide into Social Psychosis and Breakdown

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

Not only is our lifestyle on back-order, so is our sanity.

Yesterday I mentioned our collective inability to make sense of the contradictory messages of the status quo and our own experience. This inability to reconcile completely contradictory messages generates psychosis, an internal breakdown that manifests as a disconnect from reality.

To take one example: we’re constantly bombarded with the message that a four-year college diploma is the essential key to a secure middle-class lifestyle, yet our experience is that millions of college grads are living precariously, burdened by extremes of student loan debt.

Here’s another I discussed yesterday: the status quo hypes the stock market’s near-record highs as “proof” all is well and everything’s getting back to “normal” but our experience is the real economy is in a stumbling free-fall.

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