Nick Cannon Just Demonstrated That Racism is Still Acceptable in America – As Long as It’s Anti-White

by Matt Walsh
Daily Wire

It is difficult to decipher much of what Nick Cannon says in his rambling racist tirade against white people – he appears, for one thing, to think that melanin is some sort of supernatural potion that endows darker skinned people with superior virtue and intelligence – but the basic points are clear. Cannon believes that white people are “lesser,” “savages,” “barbarians,” and suffering from a “deficiency.” Whites also lack “compassion,” “self-esteem,” and “soul,” and “the only way they can act is evil.”

Whatever else we might say about this, we should be grateful that Nick Cannon performed the valuable service of demonstrating what genuine racism sounds like. The word is misused and misapplied so often that it can sometimes be easy to forget that racism is a real thing. The Left has made “racist” interchangeable with “has opinions that differ from my own,” but that is not what racism actually is. Rather, racism is the belief that a certain race of people are lesser, savage, barbaric, and deficient. Which is exactly what Nick Cannon said about whites. Textbook racism, you might say.

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