Nearly 1/4 of Minneapolis Police Force Filing Disability Claims

[Ed. Note: Sit back while the city is torched by lunatics. Then sit back, and collect fake disability claims.]

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

Minneapolis has seen a surge in police officers filing disability claims amid the George Floyd protests, raising concerns of a shortage of police staff amid a spike in violent crimes.

The story: Ron Meuser Jr., the attorney handling the claims, said last week that 43 new Minneapolis officers have filed for disability benefits on top of the about 150 who have already hired him.

[…] That brings the total of nearly 200 officers seeking disability benefits of a force that consists of 850 officers, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Meuser said the majority of officers filing the claims often leave their jobs on medical leave, leaving the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) largely understaffed. The disability claims process can last for six months, according to the Tribune.

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