Kamala Harris for Vice President? A Disappeared Article Fuels Speculation.

Plus: Trump’s new plan for “Dreamers,” Dems reject marijuana legalization, and more…

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

“I’m going to have a choice the first week in August,” said Biden. Speculation about who Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will pick as his running mate is getting out of control as the announcement becomes more imminent. Biden said months ago that it would definitely be a woman and, while a multitude of names have been thrown around in the press as potential contenders, many are betting on California Sen. Kamala Harris—though her attempt to portray Biden as a racist on the debate stage last summer may still complicate things.

About the dust-up, Harris “laughed and said, ‘that’s politics.’ She had no remorse,” former Sen. Chris Dodd (and a member of Biden’s vice presidential search team) told Politico.

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