“He Sits at Home Smoking Weed”: Desperate Landlord Seeks Advice on What to Do with Broke and Unemployed Tenant

[Ed. Note: Dear landlord… No problem. Keep your fire insurance up to date. Wait until your tenant is not home, and have a rock-solid alibi on the other side of the city when the fire starts. Blame the fire on his pot smoking, or alternatively, on George Floyd protestors. If you can’t legally collect the rent or remove the tenant, you can always pay the mortgage off with insurance money… Eventually, landlords will start thinking this way.]

from Zero Hedge

Back before the days of “social justice” and the pandemic, when you had a tenant that didn’t pay the rent, the consequences were simple: you would evict them. But nowadays – where everybody is criticized for being insensitive about everything and feelings matter more than facts (and certainly more than our economy) – one landlord felt so sufficiently confused about what to do with his deadbeat tenant, he had to write to MarketWatch’s Moneyist column for advice.

“I have rented a house behind my own home to someone in the service industry who is out of a job because of COVID-19, and now he can’t pay the full rent,” the letter says.

Then, he talks about how he is slaving away, hustling to handle his own personal financial situation while handing a pass to his tenant, ostensibly because he feels guilty: “I am fortunate enough to still have a job, but I am heavily in debt with student loans, my mortgage, and other bills. I work very hard, including early and late hours and weekends. I have referred my tenant to companies hiring during COVID-19, but he isn’t interested or says it pays too low.”

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