Everybody’s Been Woked | The Michael Knowles Show (Ep. 577)

from The Daily Wire

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Joe Biden mutters incoherently, Don Lemon shows us why the Left can’t meme, and the Supreme Court magnanimously allows a group of nuns to pray another day.

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00:00 – Biden Is A Vegetable
01:55 – Viewer Question/Comment
04:06 – Biden: Everyone’s Been Woked
08:53 – Based Don Lemon
17:59 – New York Times: Don’t Let Biden Debate
21:16 – Kanye Campaign
26:49 – Little Sisters of the Poor Obamacare Ruling
28:58 – Pride Sidewalk “Defaced”
30:53 – Co-parenting Trend!
35:20 – Mailbag

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