Does Trump Have a Secret Well of Unreported Support?

by Howard J. Warner
American Thinker

In Alabama, the Republican party nomination for senator provided a surprisingly large victory (over 25% points with 50% of the vote counted) for Jeff Sessions’s opponent, Tommy Tuberville, the former Auburn football coach. This likely ends the long political career of Sessions after Donald Trump supported Tuberville. It appears that the Trump faithful have determined that the former attorney general’s recusal over the Russian investigation cannot be forgiven. Alabamans have decided that a political novice such as Tuberville is preferable for the general election against sitting Senator Doug Jones (D). This is a likely pick-up in the U.S. Senate for Republicans.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the data for COVID-19 infective rates in Florida is shockingly wrong. It appears that many labs have forgotten to report the negative results and have provided only positive infections. In some areas, the reported positive tests were up to 100%, a virtual impossibility, which alerted skeptical reporters. Some wonder whether the state laboratory data are intentionally being inflated for political purposes.

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