David Jensen: “The Old Game of Controlling the Market with Paper & Metals Manipulation is Gone”

by Mac Slavo

Recently, David Jensen sat down with Kenneth Ameduri of Crush the Street to discuss the huge gains in precious metals. Jensen also says there is no recovery coming to us. The extreme money creation by the central bank (the Federal Reserve) will ensure there is a complete collapse in the near future.

The one takeaway from Jensen is that silver will continue to outperform gold for the time being. There is no better time than now to protect your wealth against an ever-weakening dollar. As Jensen noted, there was a “catastrophe” when the ruling class decided to shut down the entire economy. “I think we’re heading into a new economic and a new social world here, driven by the disruption of the economy,” he added. Jensen says the U.S. has been running on a debt bubble since 1987 and it was always meant to burst.

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