Covid is the Campaign | The Michael Knowles Show (Ep. 572)

from The Daily Wire

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Joe Biden gets tested for cognitive decline, AOC clarifies the meaning of “defund the police,” and CHOP anarchists kill more people.

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00:00 – Biden Admits He’s Been Tested For Cognitive Decline
01:51 – Viewer Question/Comment
02:26 – Biden Presser
09:42 – Biden Not Holding Rallies
15:37 – Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci
17:39 – Way to Break Libs on Schooling Issue
21:25 – AOC: Defunding Police Means Defunding Police
23:36 – Occupy City Hall NYC
24:57 – LA Defunding Police
26:30 – CHOP Security Killing Black Teens
29:39 – Most NYers Don’t Want to Defund Police
31:32 – Ben: Jefferson and Washington
36:50 – Cops Drive Through “Protesters” in Detroit
38:01 – Harvard Girl All Lives Matter
40:17 – WaPo Editor Out For “Revenge” Against White Women
42:45 – Dems Call 4th “White Supremacist”

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