Coal Consumption Plunged to Lowest Since at Least 1973. Why There’s No Hope for Coal

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

It comes down to costs and being bypassed by technological innovation, amid stagnating demand for electricity:

Consumption of coal by US power plants in April plunged 30% from April last year, to the lowest level in the monthly data going back to 1973, the EIA reported today. This was down 19% from April 1973.

A process of many years: Peak monthly consumption of coal by US power plants occurred from 2003 through 2008 when during the hot summer months (air conditioning) caused coal consumption to rise to 95-99 million short tons. In 2019, the peak month was July, when coal consumption by power plants was down to 56 million short tons. And this year, given the relentless trend over the past 12 years, July consumption will be lower still:

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