Apple’s Problems

by Rick Ackerman

AAPL fell hard Thursday, although it’s too early to tell whether this was just a garden-variety shakedown, or perhaps the start of a new bear market. There was news out that some state attorneys general were investigating the company for deceiving customers. But if such investigations ever had consequences or produced results, public floggings for FAANG executives would be grist for infotainment, and Mark Zuckerberg, along with his “don’t-be-evil” peers at Google, would be doing hard time. Could Trump’s hardening stance against China be responsible for the pummeling AAPL took? Nearly all of the firm’s assembly work is done there, and the company has not exactly embraced the task of moving it elsewhere — presumably to places where business did not depend on kowtowing to double-dealing, lying, cheating, patent-filching commie scum.

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