Yates: 2020 – The Launch of America’s Maoist Cultural Revolution?

by Stephen Yates

For most Americans, our current summer of discontent launched like a bolt from the blue. It began with the explosion of violence in cities, led by angry mobs attacking and calling for the overthrow of an allegedly unjust old order. Their methods range from mass demonstrations to destruction of political-historical symbols to in-person and online “struggle sessions” often referred to as “cancel culture” in today’s jargon.

The catalyst for the current campaign ostensibly is the May 25 suffocation of George Floyd, seen around the world. The terrible image and reality of former Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee to the victim’s neck, while universally denounced and condemned, provoked a powerful political and media reaction. It also fueled the launch of a mass campaign protesting systemic injustice, whose declared objectives go well beyond issues of race and police conduct at the heart of the Minneapolis tragedy.

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