Will White People Self-Destruct?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The November presidential election has been racialized by the Democrats, media, white liberal elites, and the George Floyd protests. The racialization makes this election a watershed.

The Democrats, media, and white liberal elites have placed the responsibility for the multi-city rioting and looting by blacks on white Americans for being racist. Although the evidence is clear that Floyd died from a fatal dose of the opioid on which he was strung out, his death is falsely attributed to strangulation by white police. Thousands of businesses in many cities have been damaged, looted, or destroyed. People have been injured and killed, and public monuments of white men have been destroyed, including statues of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant.

White liberal elites are apologizing to blacks for white racism and accept the rioting and looting as an understandable response to Floyd’s alleged murder. The white elites do not comprehend that what is underway is not a demand for inclusivity, but a demand for the obliteration of Western civilization.

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