U.S. National Debt Blows Past $26 Trillion, Increases By $2 Trillion in Just Two Months

by Nathan McDonald
Sprott Money

The good times must continue, the party must go on—and come hell or high water, that is exactly what governments around the world plan on making happen, no matter the long-term cost.

[…] Chief among the abusers of fiat currency is none other than the United States government, which has catapulted itself and its citizens into unsustainable, unmanageable debt levels, with no intention of ever getting out from under the burden they have created for future generations.

With each passing crisis, the United States—under the stewardship of Keynesian economics—has attempted and seemingly succeeded in getting itself out of trouble by simply waving the magic fiat money wand, creating ungodly amounts of money and papering over the ailments that plague the nation.

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