U.S. Better Have Their 8,000 Tons of Gold | Rob Kirby

from Liberty and Finance

Just when you thought things we might be coming out of the worst, one widely followed analyst reminds us to connect the dots from the Reagan-era draining of Canada’s sovereign gold reserves as a weapon which bankrupted the USSR, to the fatal flaws in Keynesian fiat currency, to today’s runaway vertical growth of the Fed’s balance sheet, to the emerging global rejection of the USD, to the future global leadership hanging on which superpower has amassed the most gold – vs the most potent military…

Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby, founder of Kirby Analytics, returns to Liberty and Finance / Reluctant Preppers to answer viewers’ questions and paint a sobering picture of our future. Buckle up for this common-sense dose of reality, and call to become aware and prepared!

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