Trump’s Low Rally Turnout is Pulling Democrats Into a Trap, They’re So Arrogant it May Be 2016 Again

from Tim Pool

Trump’s Low Rally Turnout Is Pulling Democrats Into A TRAP, They’re So Arrogant It May Be 2016 AGAIN. Trump boasted nearly one million tickets RSVP’d but only 6,200 people made it inside.

While this certainly looks bad for Trump there is not much we can learn from this rally. While physical turnout was low online viewership was in the millions.

From this Democrats seem to be lulling themselves into a false sense of security. Just like in 2016 Democrats are convinced they are on track to win regardless of all the data points. The Polls favor Joe Biden, Trump turnout was low!

But how many people are scared of COVID?

How many are scared of Antifa?

How Many backed down after they declared an emergency in Tulsa?

We just don’t know what to expect. But Trump supporters are cautious and warning he may lose reelection. They are starting to accept they will have to fight harder than ever to win.

At the same time the far left and Democrats are laughing about his failing campaign and how they will absolutely win in November.


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