Trump Says Bolton Broke the Law, Says China Could Have “Easily” Stopped the Virus Spread

from Zero Hedge

Shortly after lengthy excerpts of neocon John Bolton’s upcoming book were leaked to various media outlets, President Trump accused his former National Security Advisor of breaking the law by trying to publish a book on his time in the White House, even as his administration was seeking an emergency restraining order to halt its publication.

“He broke the law, very simple. As much as it’s going to be broken,” Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night. “This is highly classified.”

Among the various claims by Bolton is that Trump encouraged China’s president Xi to build detention camps in the Xinjiang region to imprison hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims; not coincidentally just hours after the leaks, Trump signs a bill punishing Chinese officials over Uighur internment camps, which in turn prompted an angry response by China which vowed to retaliate if the US uses the Bill and asked the asks the to stop using the bill to hurt its interests and interfere in China’s internal affairs. “Otherwise, China will for sure firmly retaliate.”

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