Trump and Republicans Must Seize the Day | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 909)

from The Daily Wire

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0:00 – Intro
2:33 – Top Comment
3:02 – The Big Idea: Don’t Let The Journalism Crisis Go To Waste!
7:30 – Conservatives need to reinvent and replace the media – not just celebrate its downfall
9:35 – Media Matters goes after Andrew for saying Barack Obama made race relations worse
11:18 – Why Andrew thinks journalism is in trouble
17:15 – Media asks Kayleigh McEnany if President Trump regrets taking photo outside church
21:39 – Nancy Pelosi dresses in African garb and leads Democrats to kneel in tribute to George Floyd – it backfires
24:14 – Lisa Bender, Minneapolis City Council President, can’t answer how the community will stay safe without the police department
26:10 – Kayleigh McEnany destroys the “defund the police” idea
27:30 – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes after Kayleigh McEnany for not calling her “congresswoman” – Kayleigh shows AOC is wrong
32:00 – Heather Mac Donald joins to discuss the police and the myth of systemic racism

Will Conservatives Seize the Day? The leftist press has fallen, the Dems are talking crap… will Republicans step up? Media Matters goes after Andrew, so he one-ups them in today’s episode. Kayleigh McEnany lays the smackdown on members of the media, as well as AOC. Nancy Pelosi beclowns herself while dressing in African garb and kneeling in honor of George Floyd. Plus, Heather Mac Donald joins the show to tell the truth about the cops.

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