The Vancouver PD Get Violent with as Dan Dicks is Told “You’re Under Arrest For Your Protection”

from Press For Truth

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Last weekend while covering a BLM rally in Vancouver Dan Dicks of Press For Truth was surrounded by a mob, assaulted and then arrested by the VPD “for his protection”. The tactic to please the crowd by displaying a violent arrest comes at the expense of Dan Dicks himself as the mob cheered and now feels justified with their actions and accusations of him being a racist white Supremacist due to the aggressive nature of the arrest. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why this method to kill two birds with one stone by both pleasing the crowd and moving Dan away from danger has resulted in a target being placed on Dan when it comes to covering future rallies and protests. Please Support Dan at the new GoGetFunding Campaign here:…
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Watch: Dan Dicks Assaulted Then ARRESTED After Being Attacked By Group Think MOB!!!

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Watch: DAN DICKS / PRESS FOR TRUTH ARRESTED at BLM rally / Vancouver Policemen take a knee………

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