The Second Round of Lockdowns Won’t Be as Easy as the First

by Ryan McMaken

The pressure is already mounting for state and local governments to move again toward coerced stay-at-home orders and mandatory business closures.

The constant drumbeat of headlines designed to convince people to adopt new draconian government controls is more or less exactly the same as what it was back in March. Arizona “lost control of the epidemic,” one headline proclaims, while another insists “ICU beds full.” A government bureaucrat in Texas says the situation is “apocalyptic” and Bloomberg dutifully featured the word in its headline. The governor of California is threatening another stay-at-home order. The Texas governor has reimposed some restrictions. Florida has “paused” its scaling back of lockdown edicts.

Americans should expect more of this as the year proceeds. Once we arrive at September, hospitalizations due to the usual winter diseases like flu will begin to mount. At that point, the daily headlines about “full” or nearly full hospitals will be a daily or even hourly occurrence.

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