The Political Genius of Donald Trump

by Wen Wryte
American Thinker

The word ‘genius’ is not often appended to Donald Trump, except perhaps by himself, but he has demonstrated since early 2016 that he does indeed have a rare political genius. A man not given to modesty, President Trump can rightfully claim he embodies the American ideal of an assured sense of purpose that comes from totally believing in one’s own greatness. His campaign slogan of 2016 — “Make America Great Again” — was as much about his own greatness rubbing off on America as it was about America’s destiny.

It is precisely this quality of character that has enabled Trump to be what he has become: the current symbol of the greatness that America once was and is already becoming again. But what is most impressive about Trump the man is something that would be a weakness in any other. He delights in fighting — with unflagging energy — the messy tactical engagements his political enemies force upon him, which would overwhelm a weaker man. But through all this Trump, the president has been implementing his political strategy as if the constant skirmishes with those trying to unseat him are a mere inconvenience. It is his opponents who are exhausting themselves, whilst seemingly making no dents in his armor, as he continues towards his goal.

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