The Great Conservative Silence | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 921)

from The Daily Wire

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We can’t just fight their narrative, we have to offer our own.

0:00 – Intro
2:42 – Top Comment
3:11 – The Big Idea: The Right Needs A Narrative
7:00 – Black Preacher Discusses Black-on-Black crime
9:38 – John Roberts Pro-Abortion Decision – There’s No Explanation
21:30 – We Don’t Have a White Supremacy Problem In America – We Have a Democrat Problem
25:00 – Gayle King Praises Book Title: “Surrender, White People! Our Unconditional Terms for Peace”
26:45 – Left Continues to Push Defunding Police
29:37 – Elizabeth Warren Endorses Removing Statues
35:25 – Covid Update – Virus Spreading, Fauci Says US Has Anti-Science Bias
41:50 – Joe Biden Chief Of Staff Says Biden Swine Flu Response was Disastrous

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