Sow Hate, Reap Hate

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Have you noticed what I have noticed—that of the trillions of words in print and on the air, there are precious few that are not garbage. Among the few commentators I read is The Saker. He sees the US in systemic collapse— .

Other commentators who I read, such as Dmitry Orlov, see the collapse as economic in nature. As my readers know, I have a lot of my own to add to that analysis, principally the offshoring of US jobs and the financialization of the economy stressed by my colleague Michael Hudson. But I see the cause of our society’s collapse as far more fundamental and dangerous. It is a collapse brought on by the teaching of a false history that engenders race hatred in a multicultural society. It is impossible for a multi-racial society to exist on a foundation of racial hatred. But that is what white liberals have made our foundation. If you are so uninformed as to doubt my statement of undeniable fact, consult the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

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