Rockets or Riots – Which America is the Real America? | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 904)

from The Daily Wire

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Rockets to mars or cities on fire, America needs to decide. We discuss the protests and riots breaking out across the country over the death of George Floyd, as well as the dual Americas our citizens feel that they live in. Plus, Andrew discusses President Trump’s response to the protests, our foreign adversaries jabbing the United States over the rioting and more. Including how the Democrat leadership is failing the nation, and how we can actually help minority communities.

0:00 – Intro
2:34 – Top Comment
2:53 – The Big Idea: Give Up Your Opinions
7:23 – The weekend looked like a game of “choose your America – Rockets vs. Riots”
9:23 – Reacting to media headlines about riots
12:30 – America’s enemies (Iran, China, etc.) sound just like Antifa on the protests
20:49 – The Link between Democrats, Radicalism and celebrity
26:24 – GOP governance is better than Democrat Governance – Bill DeBlasio blames Trump for protests.
32:15 – How we can actually help minority communities

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